Thursday, 8 November 2012

Andrew Marin and mission to the gay community

 We’ve got a great interview for you this month. We’re chatting with Andrew Marin, the author or ‘Love is an Orientation’ and founder of the Marin Foundation

Some years ago in three consecutive months three of Andrews friends told him they were gay. By his own admission Andrew was pretty homophobic and so didn’t respond with much wisdom. But over the coming months and years God used this experience to call Andrew into immersing himself in the gay community, and beginning the long and slow process of building bridges between this community and the church.

One example of this is the Marin Foundation’s recent ‘I’m Sorry Campaign’ , which was voted number one on BuzzFeed’s ’21 pictures that will restore your faith in humanity’. 

What really struck me as Andrew spoke was how Christians celebrate incarnating themselves in communities around the world, communities whose behaviour they may not understand or agree with, and yet Christians have almost completely alienated themselves from the gay community.

It left me thinking that perhaps we all need to say sorry…


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