Saturday, 9 March 2013

Alastair Gordon and mission in the arts

We’ve got a great interview for you this month. Dave and me travelled down to London to meet the professional artist Alastair Gordon. Ally is an accomplished artist regularly exhibiting his paintings and drawings in this country and overseas. He’s also a committed follower of Jesus.

Knowing very little about the art world, I was really surprised to learn from Ally the suspicion that exists in the art community towards people with a genuine faith. I’d wrongly assumed that this community would be more open and tolerant that most, but it turns out that faith is one of the final taboos.

So it’s rather tricky for people like Alastair to successfully navigate this world. Although Ally doesn’t produce ‘Christian Art’ (i.e. art with Bible passages stuck on them, or doves, or crosses, or cute kittens etc.) he does still have to live with the tension of forging a career in a community that would view his faith with derision.

So we were keen to speak to him about what being a follower of Jesus within this community means, and what mission might look like. Ally didn’t disappoint, and gave us some really well considered and insightful answers.

Check out the podcast to find out more.

You might also want to have a look at Morphe Arts, the network Ally is a part of that networks and supports Christian artists. 

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