Monday, 10 June 2013

Stuart Murray and the Anabaptists

Had a really interesting chat with Stuart Murray in Bristol this month. Stuart is a consultant and trainer for the Anabaptist Network in the UK.

The Anabaptists were a protest movement that emerged in the 1600’s. They really didn’t like the way Christendom was shaping up and so started to figure out what a Jesus-centred community would look like on the margins.

That’s why the movement is gaining attention again now, because as we’re moving into a Post-Christendom culture people are again asking what church life will look like on the margins.

What I particularly like about Anabaptism in the UK is that it isn’t a denomination, it’s a resourcing network. So Stuart talked about hyphenated Anabaptists. So I could be an Anabaptist-Methodist, i.e. someone who is in the Methodist tradition, but who is drawing inspiration and resources from the Anabaptist movement.

I’d highly recommend Stuart’s book ‘The Naked Anabaptist’ if you find the interview interesting and want to dig deeper into the Anabaptist tradition. 

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